Response & Management Working Group

Natural resource managers are often faced with making rapid decisions. The process can be quite overwhelming and confusing when dealing with multiple factors like an emerging pathogen, species with conservation status of concern, differing state or provincial/territorial, and federal jurisdictions, regulations, policy and permitting. The Bsal Response & Management Working Group aims to bridge the gap between identifying and implementing scientifically-sound mitigation actions in response to a confirmed Bsal detection in North America by proactively designing guidelines, identifying permitting steps, and facilitating the process of navigating the requirements for state or provincial/territorial and federal policy.

The goal of the Response and Group is to facilitate efficient and rapid response to Bsal invasion by:

  • developing and updating the Rapid Response Plan as new information becomes available
  • supporting policy and rule-making that can minimize entry of Bsal into North America
  • facilitating and improving land management agencies’ ability to take proactive and reactive actions to prevent occurrence and transmission of Bsal in North America.
  • providing resources for issues related to early detection and rapid response (including, but not limited to eradication, containment, or other management and control responses) to land management agencies.

Group Lead: Laura Sprague