Research Working Group

The breadth of Bsal research needs span basic, applied, and theoretical science disciplines; advances in all these arenas are needed to build foundational knowledge essential for responding to Bsal emergence. To achieve a broad scope of work, the Bsal Research Working Group is a collaboration of scientists with diverse expertise with amphibian and other wildlife pathogens, ecological modeling, immunology, microbial ecology, disease ecology, pathology, human dimensions and much more. The group strives to create an inclusive, collaborative atmosphere, to maintain or expand its participants; it is currently composed of >30 members, representing >20 organizations.

The goal of the Research Working Group is to:

  • facilitate communication and collaboration among scientists studying Bsal in North America and,
  • ensure high-quality research on Bsal is produced rapidly.


Current Group Leads: Douglas Woodhams & Molly Bletz

eft-stage eastern newt in Massachusetts forest. Photo taken by Molly Bletz.