Bsal Maps

The Bsal Data Management Working Group is initially focused on development of an online amphibian chytrid fungus data portal ( at AmphibiaWeb. The portal will be available for international users, for interactive reporting of the results of both Bsal and Bd studies, including a mapping tool to portray occurrence, prevalence and Bd and Bsal test results in any swabbed amphibian. Secondly, the mapping tool will be developed further to display the geographic and taxonomic scope of surveillance projects, with the intent to inform scientists and managers of ongoing or planned efforts. This tool will dovetail with the Surveillance/Monitoring Working Group, in order to show larger efforts, in particular. Users will be able to import, visualize, and share their data, to facilitate disease research. Third, the web portal is intended to be an important online access point for communication of Bsal knowledge and activities, and is working with the Outreach/Communications Working Group. For example, a Bd and Bsal literature bibliography is being compiled (using, and will be accessible at the portal.

While this new chytrid website is under construction (see:, we suggest you see the precursor ( and the broader web portal capabilities demonstrated by the Global Ranavirus Reporting System (see:

Chloropleth map of all data of samples by year; darker color indicates more recent sample. Click on a marker to see Bd Status, Species, Year, Zoospore Equivalent, Museum catalog number if applicable.

Visit the Amphibian Disease Portal for more maps.