Fact Sheets & Flyers

  • Bsal Fungus Fact Sheet (DOWNLOAD)

  • Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative: Salamander chytridiomycosis (DOWNLOAD)
  • PARC: Amphibian Disease – Bsal North America Call to Action (DOWNLOAD)
  • Amphibian Disease ALERT leaflet (DOWNLOAD)
  • SEPARC Information Sheet (DOWNLOAD)
  • DoD Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Factsheet: Watch Out for Bsal: It’s Not Just Another Government Acronym! (DOWNLOAD)
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada flyers for public, pet shops, and scientific community:

    General public and pet shop owners (DOWNLOAD English version)
    General public and pet shop owners (DOWNLOAD French version)
    Scientific community (DOWNLOAD English version)
    Scientific community (DOWNLOAD French version)

  • Salamanders as injurious wildlife: What it means for salamander owners and scientists (DOWNLOAD)
  • Injurious-Listed Salamanders Interim Rule: Guidance for Permit Applicants (DOWNLOAD)