What’s new in April 2016?

General public and pet shop owners (DOWNLOAD English version)
General public and pet shop owners (DOWNLOAD French version)
Scientific community (DOWNLOAD English version)
Scientific community (DOWNLOAD French version)

This downloadable document is a follow-up on the action by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) to help prevent a deadly fungus from killing native salamanders. The Service published an interim rule earlier this year to list 201 salamander species as injurious wildlife under the Lacey Act. The fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, also known as Bsal or salamander chytrid, is carried on the skin of various salamander species. Bsal has caused major die-offs of salamanders in Europe and poses a threat to U.S. native salamander populations. The fungus is not yet known to be found in the United States, and to help ensure it remains that way, the Service published an interim rule that took effect on January 28, 2016. They are currently evaluating all comments that they received on the rule.

In response to questions, the Service is working on providing additional information related to the listing. HERE is a factsheet that may be of use to you. This will also be posted, along with related information at there website at https://www.fws.gov/injuriouswildlife/salamanders.html.

Salamanders as injurious wildlife: What it means for salamander owners and scientists